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2018  "The Seduction" Southern Watercolor Society 41st Annual Juried Exhibition, 
           Watercolor Society of Alabama Award

          "Madonna and Dog"" Florida Watercolor Society, Guy Beattie Award
          "Horseplay" Coral Springs Museum Annual Regional Exhibition, 
Honorable Mention

2016  "Dear Prudence" Best in Show at Basel Broward at Rossetti Fine Art Gallery

          "Vacant" The Alan R. Chiara Memorial Award and The Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Award
           at The 45th Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition

           "Stars and Stripes and Christmas Tree Lights" Carl Folke Sahlin Medal at The Annual
           American Watercolor Society 149th Annual International Exhibition, NYC

           "The Red Veil" Fallbrook Art Center, Fallbrook, CA 7th Annual Signature Watermedia

           "Out of the Everywhere into the Here" Coral Springs Museum of Art 2nd Annual
           Regional Exhibition, Inspire 2016

           "The Set" Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Apparently Watercolor Exhibit

           "The Bow" Gold Coast Watercolor Society, I Love Watercolor Exhibit

2015  "The Red Veil" Carol Ann Sherman Memorial Award at The 44th Florida Watercolor
           Society Exhibition

          “Out of the Everywhere Into the Here” Best in Show at Rossetti Fine Art Gallery Summer
           Heat VI

          “The Dress Up” accepted into The American Watercolor Society 148th Annual
           International Exhibition, NYC

          “The Red Veil” Best in Show at Gold Coast Watercolor Exhibition

          “The Seduction” accepted at Fallbrook Signature Exhibition

2014  “The Seduction” Best in Show at Gold Coast Watercolor Society Exhibition

           “Waiting Patiently” appeared in February issue of Watercolor Artist Annual Winners’  

2013  “Waiting Patiently” Best In Show at The 42nd Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition  

2012  “Grace and the Two Napoleons” won Alan R. Chiara Memorial Award and the

            Holbein Award of Excellence at The 41st Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition

2011  “The Enchantress” recognized with a Merchandise Award at

            The 40th Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition

2010  “Foiled Again” Best in Show at The 39th Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition:

            First Place at Fallbrook Signature Exhibition and published in “Splash 13”

2008  “She’s Come Undone” National Watercolor Society Merchandise Award

            and Travelling Show

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